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Common Refrigerator Repair Problems and How to Fix Them

Common Refrigerator Repair Problems and How to Fix Them

Refrigerator repair Atlanta does not have to be a painful, expensive, and time consuming experience. With knowledge of some of the most common refrigerator repair issues, perhaps a little forethought would have prevented the unnecessary headache. A few common refrigerator repair issues that are easily solved without a lot of labor or time are:


A.) An increase in the average temperature of your fridge. For most homes this is something that we expect to occur on a fairly regular basis and it is something that can usually be remedied by simply running your air conditioning unit or placing a blanket over the fridge to keep the temperature down. However, for those who live in an especially hot climate or where large food items are left in their fridge for extended periods, a small increase in the average temperature could lead to a frozen drawer, an unresponsive door, or even a burst of condensation leading to an overflow of water in the bottom of the fridge. An increase in the average refrigerator repair cost.


B.) Low temperatures. This one can often be fixed yourself, and there are many ways to check the low temperatures of your fridge yourself rather than have a repair person to check it for you. By flipping a switch or adjusting a thermostat you can often get a lower than average fridge temperature. Replacing your existing doors with newer ones will also help with these low temperatures.


C.) Slow cooling. If your new refrigerator is not responding to you when you open the door or switch the thermostat then there may be more to it than meets the eye. Sometimes all a slow-cooling fan in a kitchen does is just run quietly while the machine is running. The fan motor may be going crazy, or the motor could be blocked by ice or some other obstruction. In these cases it would be advisable to call in a professional refrigerator repair near me technician. Learn more.


D.) Other Refrigerator Repairs Many people simply think that they can safely replace the doors on their side-by-side refrigerators (or other two-piece units) without needing a professional repairman. Unfortunately, this just isn’t true. Some older side-by-side refrigerators were manufactured with improper instructions and could, in some rare instances, cause damage to other appliances in the home. Replacing these units with new ones is always a better idea than simply trying to repair them, no matter how simple they seem.


E.) Overall Efficiency Many families are very happy with the efficiency of their refrigerators. They may not give too much thought to the possibility of their refrigerators needing repairs, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Replacing refrigerators with more energy efficient models should always be a top priority for any family.